Common questions


What is Rollink – Travel Smart’s warranty policy?
We are pleased to provide our traveling community with a 10 year limited warranty, including a 1 year worry-free warranty. The suitcase
itself is guaranteed for ten (10) years, while the (model dependent) electrical components within – including power bank, digital scale, et
cetera – are guaranteed for one (1) year. The full terms of our warranty can be found in the manual inside your suitcase and is also
specified in full on the Rollink website:


Can I take my 21” Rollink suitcase on the aircraft as cabin luggage?
The 21” Rollink suitcase has been designed to meet standard carry-on/cabin luggage requirements. Our SOHO and SPARTAN models
each measure 55 x 39 x 21.6 centimeters. The industry standard for cabin luggage is 56 x 45 x 25 centimeters. While our products are
designed to comply with carry-on luggage requirements, to be on the safe side, we recommend checking with your airline before

Can I take my 21” Rollink suitcase with power bank on the aircraft as cabin luggage?
In most instances you should be able to take your 21” Rollink suitcase with power bank onto the aircraft as cabin luggage, as the power
bank is within the IATA guidelines relating to onboard power sources. However, we recommend checking with your airline before

Can I take my Stay Connected suitcase with power bank on the aircraft as cabin luggage?

Suitcases in Rollink’s Stay Connected series have been designed to meet IATA guidelines that state electrical equipment under 100Wh
can be permitted onboard as part of cabin luggage (or stowed luggage). For example, our 10,000 mAh power bank measures in at 37
WH, well under the suggested allowance. However, we recommend checking with your airline before traveling.


How durable are Rollink suitcases?
The suitcases we manufacture are made from our own blend of polypropylene which, together with the meticulously-engineered hard
shell design, provides the high impact, long-lasting, durable suitcase you expect. Whether it’s tossed in the trunk or thrown onto a
conveyor belt, your luggage is in for a beating. Fortunately, the hard shell and anti-abrasive surfaces found on Rollink suitcases means
you can travel safe in the knowledge that your suitcase can stand up to the rigors of regular travel.


How do I set the combination lock on my case?
Each suitcase leaves the factory with a default lock code (0-0-0) which will need to be changed before you travel. Think of a memorable
three-digit code, and once you have one in mind, lay the suitcase flat on its back, and open the code lock found on the side of the case,
removing the red plastic plug. You’ll notice a small lever: shift this left and then downwards. Now rotate the numbered dials until you
reach the three-digit code you’ve chosen. Once the dials are in place, again shift the lever, this time upwards and to the right. Your
combination lock is now set.
Should you have any problems when trying to set your combination lock, we can provide assistance. Get in touch with us at:

How do I reset the combination lock on my case?
You can adjust or reset the code on your suitcase combination lock at any time. Simply shift the small lever left and downwards, choose
your new code, and shift the lever right and upwards – as you would to initially set the lock.

How do I open my suitcase if I forget the code?
Rather than manually working your way through endless lock combinations, we recommend that you make a note of your lock code and
store it in a safe place. Each suitcase comes with a manual with a designated spot to write your code. Alternatively, you can register your
details (including lock code) on the Rollink website and retrieve them anytime in the future.

Register your details here:
Access your details here:

Is a key required for the lock?
No. Although the lock features a keyhole, you only need to know the code to open the lock. Note: the keyhole is designed to be used by
airport officials checking baggage.

Is my suitcase Travel Sentry approved?
Yes. Each of our suitcases meets the standards required by Travel Sentry. Airport officials will be able to open your suitcase without
damaging it.