רולינק, סירה, מזוודה צהובה קשיחה רולינק, סירה, מזוודה צהובה קשיחה רולינק, סירה, מזוודה צהובה קשיחה


This southern town in the Israeli Negev
desert is enjoying a boost in recent years
with pampering accommodations such as
the luxurious Beresheet Hotel and some
young start-ups, deriving their inspiration
from the genesis of the vast desert terrain.
So besides a jeep ride through the Zin
valley where wild camels can be spotted,
there’s a hive of boutiques, guest houses
and restaurants in the Spice Route quarter,
the old industrial zone.

Plain wooden huts stem from the water on
stilts and long boats serve as the main
vehicle of transportation; rainy days are
frequent here, disrupting life in the open
so a good thing that our Rollink suitcase is
endowed with an all round water seal. At
least our clothes arrived dry to the hut,
even if we didn’t. The lotus flowers we
spotted growing on the lake symbolize in
many cultures the beauty and the divine,
reminding us that we need to travel more
often to recall the glory of this fantastic,
beautiful world of ours.

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