רולינק, בחורה עם מזוודה צהובה קשיחה רולינק, בחורה עם מזוודה צהובה קשיחה רולינק, בחורה עם מזוודה, מזוודות מומלצות רולינק, בחורה וגבר, מזוודות איכותיות רולינק, בחורה וגבר, מזוודות קשיחות רולינק, בחורה עם מזוודה ענקית


The truth was that on that night I was
about to fly to Paris for 2 weeks of fashion
adventures (and then very spontaneously,
jumped on a plane to feel some sand in my
toes, salt in my hair and a lot of cocktails in
my hand in Ibiza and Formentera).
“Perfect!” they answered, Can you have a
plus one on your trip? we have the perfect
partner! A new Stylish, Smart and Strong
suitcase for you.
If I will tell you that on the next hour I held
that Sexy (how could they forget the 4th S‘
?!) mustard color suitcase in my hands, and
knew it was love at first sight, You should
sooooo believe me! Actually, maybe you
shouldn’t… After all I was a bit vulnerable
after breaking up with the last dude, and
confused about the whole love thing… But
as Rick said in ‘Casablanca’ I thought this
is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
And it was!

I can’t tell you how much I love to travel, I
just loveeee the adventure, the excitement
of going to a different zone, the adrenaline
that whispers to you secretly, that
everything can possibly happen when you
moving around the globe. And as it turned
out, that every few weeks I’m traveling for
work, the suitcase became one of the most
dominant accessories for me.
This time as Paris was the destination,
‘Rollink‘ and moi decided to have the
“We’ll always have Paris” photo shoot to
celebrate our new beautiful friendship.

I literally took ‘mustard’ everywhere I went.
The Louvre, Versailles, my meetings
around Le Marais, Caffe de Flore and the
All of those moments were captured by my
dear Vira Khrupa, my great partner in
crime during this fashionable voyage.
On a personal note, I have to say that this
digital campaign was a perfect
combination of business and pleasure
where I discover super talented people
that gave me a free hand to make my own
‘je ne sais quoi’.
“Go do your magic”, they said, and have
fun, just don’t forget to pack your heart
when you’re back.
2 weeks in Paris, after falling a sleep for
the third time in my evening dress, I
decided it’s time for a spontaneous
vacation, a real one with no rules, no
borders just my friends and I to be free
and wild. “Mustard”, I said, well, we will
always have Paris, it’s true. But now we are
going to IBIZA, time to pack (again).”

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